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TAILOR ME! Why the world’s most exclusive gym bags are made-to-order. Edkera bags BY-APPOINTMENT

The world’s most exclusive gym bags are made to order. Why? Because @Edkera, we know that your gym bag is the most technically demanding apparel in your collection. And, because each one of us demands something different from our gym bags.

A tailor-made gym bag is much more than a stylish, statement piece, it is an imperative for the discerning sports enthusiast.

  • The power-urbanite goes from boardroom in the morning, to sweat room in their lunch break and back.
  • The free spirit plays a tennis match at the club before meeting up for a late lunch in town.
  • The triathlete in training goes for a run in the treadmill, to a swim and to a spinning class.
  • The soccer mum fits in a yoga class amidst the school run, the volunteering and the groceries shopping.

We had been conditioned to accept gym bags that do not meet our style or functional requirements. Gym bags that are made for the masses and lack personality. Unsurprisingly, most people despise their gym bags and hide them in the back of their car trunks.

Elite clients seek Edkera bags because they know better. These clients seek a LIFESTYLE BAG that caters for their needs…. In and Out of the gym!

At their core, all EDKERA bags are superb gym bags: Lined with a waterproof, anti-bacterial Cordura fabric, you can throw in them whatever your exercise routine requires, knowing that there will be no smells and the rest of your bag contents are protected.

Edkera’s bag have an incomparable design, are beautifully-made in Spain with finest Italian leather and are fashion statement pieces. Edkera curated selection available in Edkera e-store is sublime.

Edkera By-Appointment, VIP tailor service for bags

So, why do elite clients order BY-APPOINTMENT Edkera bags? Simply because with Edkera VIP service BY-APPOINTMENT, our clients get their DREAM BAG and much more.

Edkera By-Appointment is hassle-free with an Edkera stylist working with the client in the design and working with Edkera’s bag atelier until the client receives the bag. A bag that will perfectly meet the client’s functional demands AND style expectations:

  • If the urbanite wants a Red and Black Messenger bag with a special compartment to fit their laptop and valuables. That’s what they get!
  • If the free spirit wants a Cream and Coral Maxi-Tote bag with a separate shoe compartment for their Louboutin’s and more. That’s what they get!
  • If the triathlete wants a 3-colour, marine-themed styled Duffel bag with plenty of space and separation of wet/dry and clean/dirty kits. That’s what they get!
  • If the soccer mum wants an Amber open top Capazo. That’s what they get!

Make an appointment now to get the bag of your dreams. You choose Edkera, because you can!

Edkera Duffel Tricolor Marine Theme Front View
Edkera Duffel Tricolor Marine Theme Front View

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