Create your very own Edkera bag – 3 easy steps:

  1. Click on 1 of the 5 designs below to start creating your bag
  2. Select colours, extras and personalise your bag by clicking on the menu options
  3. Add it to your cart and listo! Ready to go

The first time that you access Edkera’s Design Engine in a device, it may take a few seconds to load as it brings the full materials catalogue and design options to you.

Next time, the Design Engine will be waiting for you and ready to go.

SELECT Maxi Tote

Dimensions= 43cm x 25cm x 47cm

Capacity= 48 litres

Timeless style and space. Maxi Tote by Edkera is your bag when you need space for your gym gear and your lifestyle.


Dimensions= 56cm x32cm x 39cm

Capacity=67 litres

Simply spectacular. Duffel by Edkera is your bag if you look for a relaxed sports feel, irresistible design and boundless space.


Dimensions= 44cm x 18cm x 30cm

Capacity= 22 litres

Elegance and practicality. Bowler by Edkera is your perfect compact sports bag, taking you from gym to glam without breaking a sweat.

SELECT Messenger

Dimensions= 45cm x 18cm x 40cm

Capacity=31 litres

Dynamic and contemporary. Messenger by Edkera is the perfect bag to work hard and train even harder.


Dimensions= 16cm x 45cm x 36cm

Capacity= 22 litres

Chic simplicity and deceivingly spacious. Capazo by Edkera is your go-to bag for a fresh take on luxury (sports) bag and seductive clean lines.