Bespoke By Appointment

With Edkera’s bespoke By-Appointment tailoring consultation, you get our design and tailoring team working for you, to create your dream bag.

Simply book your appointment, tell us about your ideal bag (features and style) and your very own Edkera stylist will contact you to start this creative bag tailoring journey.

  • What you get with your tailoring consultation? Initial 15-minute appointment with your stylist and the creation of up to 3 personalised bag sketches based on this conversation.
  • Duration of initial consultation appointment? Approx. 15 minutes.
  • Tailoring consultation fee : 125 EUR + tax. This fee includes the initial appointment and up to 3 sketches prepared by our design team exclusively for you.

Note: Bag price depends on the client’s selected design and bag price is not included in the consultation fee.