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43cm x 25cm x 47cm

Timeless style and space. Maxi Tote by Edkera is your bag when you need space for your gym gear and your lifestyle.

56cm x32cm x 39cm

Simply spectacular. Duffel by Edkera is your bag if you look for a relaxed sports feel, irresistible design and boundless space.

44cm x 18cm x 30cm

Elegance and practicality. Bowler by Edkera is your perfect compact sports bag, taking you from gym to glam without breaking a sweat.

45cm x 18cm x 40cm

Dynamic and contemporary. Messenger by Edkera is the perfect bag to work hard and train even harder.

16cm x 45cm x 36cm

Chic simplicity and deceivingly spacious. Capazo by Edkera is your go-to bag for a fresh take on luxury (sports) bag and seductive clean lines.

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“Get Wet” Companion Bag – LARGE

Colour: BLACK

Waterproof Rating: IP 65

Shoulder Straps: Premium detachable padded straps

Material: High tensile strength, waterproof Nylon

Other Features: Flexible capacity/height adjustable. Waterproof zipper and roll-closure. No-leak HFW seem-free completion

Dimensions: 30 cm (W) x 19 cm (L) x 70 cm (H)

Capacity: 30 litres

Your Large “Get Wet” bag fits all your things when you are sailing or at the beach and it is an excellent overflow bag for your post-work out and wet gear in the gym … Bulk companion bag.


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