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Lifestyle essentials expanded: Your Edkera bag

Saying an Edkera bag is great for the gym, is like saying a Patek Phillipe tells time or saying a DBS Superleggera  is a comfortable commuter. All 3 statements are unquestionably correct: Edkera bags, Patek watches and Aston Martin cars all perform beautifully… However, that is not what makes them lifestyle essentials.

All lifestyle essentials share something more. At a primal level, they all reflect and complement the identity of their owners.

Just like their owners, these objects are not copies, there is nothing generic about them. These essentials are, simply put, an extension of the person:

  • of their likes and dislikes
  • of their lifestyle
  • of their choices.

Unique and perfectly matched. It is this congruence that makes them “lifestyle essentials”. Are these exclusive items? Yes, they are. What makes them exclusive? Those who own them.

Edkera bags are sports bags unlike any others, blending tradition and technology:

  • Handcrafted in Spain using finest Italian leathers and other exquisite materials.
  • Innovative use of materials with superior properties (army-grade toughness, anti-bacterial/no smell, waterproof) to support the requirements of avid sport enthusiasts.
  • Only a few pieces from our curated limited editions, Edkera Privé, are available for purchase.
  • You can take creative control and design your bag with our Customizer which allows over 1,000,000 combinations.
  • If you want to have a design team develop your bespoke vision, Edkera By Appointment, provides you just that: Elite materials, custom colors, style modifications and a team of world-class professionals working with and for you…With Edkera by Appointment, the possibilities are limitless.

And yet, what makes an Edkera bag exclusive, is not all that.

Edkera bags are exclusive because they are made just for you! If you are a sports/exercise enthusiast, Edkera bags give you  the opportunity to live your life true to your lifestyle.

Whether you are a cosmopolitan executive, who loves going to the gym before going to the office or you are an artist, who loves walking along les Champs Elysées before your Personal Training session.

Your life, your Edkera bag… Because you can!

Messenger Taupe

Colour MAIN: Taupe – Natural Grain Italian Leather

Colour Accents: Light Sand

Lining: Dark / Black-Z

Hardware: Dark / Black-Z

Shoulder Strap: Signature two-tone with leather detail

Flap fastener/straps: 2

Extra Pockets:   

Dimensions: 45 cm (W) x 18 cm (L) x 40 cm (H)

Capacity: 31 litres


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