Art = Couture + Technology + Sports bag

If you subscribe to mainstream thinking that “A bag is just a bag”, and “Exercise is just a chore”, then, this post is probably not for you.
If you, however, chase after the extraordinary, if you appreciate style and at the same time seek new bold solutions in a rapidly evolving world, then Edkera is for you.
Each Edkera bag is a master piece in design and style. Handcrafted in Spain, using finest Italian leathers, with exquisite attention to detail and endless customizations.
Unquestionably sports-oriented, Edkera bags, just like you, display unparalleled strength and a bold determination to succeed. Every Edkera bag is lined with army-grade Cordura™, waterproof, anti-bacterial/no-odour, stain-repelent (Teflon™) lining. A sweaty gym kit, a wet towel, your favourite running shoes… Edkera bags will handle them effortlessly.
Art in actions, the result of tradition, quality, and technology coming together to bring you an unforgettable gym experience. Edkera, simply because you can.

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