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Love your journey to and from the gym, with your bespoke Edkera bag

The problem with the journey to and from the gym? Unglamorous and bulky

Working in the city, my lunch hour was my “me time”. To exercise, to decompress to regain my balance. Unfortunately, there was nothing “bespoke”, glamorous or smooth about the journey to and from the gym at lunchtime: it usually involved carrying an ugly gym bag, plus a handbag and often my briefcase with my laptop.


Sure, once I had my gear on and I had found my groove in the gym, I forgot about the odyssey of “schlepping all that stuff”… That is, until I finished my workout and headed back to the changing rooms, only to face the same journey in reverse, with the “added bonus” of sweaty clothes and wet towels. Oh, joy!


I shared my frustration with friends and sports enthusiasts alike, only to realise that we all had come to accept this painful pilgrimage as the inevitable status quo. However, I believed that there had to be a better way:

– a way that honoured my curated style,

– a way that inspired me to exercise as integral part of my life,

– a way that complemented my lifestyle

The solution? A couture gym bag, that does away with the rest of the bags

After talking to couture fashion designers, exercise professionals in Europe and beyond, Edkera was born:

– Beautifully handcrafted bags, with the highest quality Italian leathers

– Superiorly equipped bag interiors with a core of high-tech option like water-proof, anti-bacterial, no-odour lining to go the extra mile that gym bags demand

– Customizable both for looks as for functionality, so that every Edkera bag matches the specific requirements of the person that ordered them


Now I only carry one bag, my Edkera bag, with space for my gym gear, my business gear and with the style that a bespoke handbag offers. Going to the gym “in the zone”. Leaving the gym, revitalized. Always ready for whatever and wherever my life takes me.

Have you challenged the status quo? We would like to hear from you – Facebook: @edkera

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