Edkera Confident Woman Gala

Being authentic and inner confidence. You and Edkera.

Being authentic is a daunting task, in a world where social media takes your views, your looks, your time and shares them with, well, everyone!

Loud and clear, the timid yield to the omnipresent watching eyes, whose opinions on what you wear, how you look and who else wears the same labels are relentless.

At a personal level, being authentic is all about you! About having the inner confidence to train in the gym so hard that your muscles hurt, about fighting in the boardroom to make a crucial difference, about leaving a social gala just to enjoy a sunrise with a kindred spirit.

As a brand, for Edkera being authentic is all about obliterating sport fashion paradigms, about ignoring social media ranking algorithms, and it is foremost about focusing in the extraordinary lives of our customers and how we can make them better, greater, more authentic.

Edkera celebrates sports, celebrates couture, celebrates you: Customized, handcrafted, irresistible sports bags. Edkera bags are exceptional, they are unique, they are authentic… and so are our customers.

Duffel Pure Black

Colour MAIN: Pure Black – Natural Grain Italian Leather

Colour Accents: Red

Lining: Dark / Black-Z

Hardware: Dark / Black-Z

Handles: Signature two-tone fixed handles with Pure Black leather detail

Shoulder Strap: Signature two-tone with Red leather detail

Extra Pockets:   

Dimensions: 56 cm (W) x 32 cm (L) x 39 cm (H)

Capacity: 67 litres


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