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The perfect gift for the exercise enthusiast

What do you get to that special one who has it all? Scratching your head every year for that perfect gift for a special birthday, scouting the wedding register for something other than China, fighting the Christmas shopping crowds… Spending your precious time and energy to come up with something unique, personal, meaningful because that is what a great present is, right?… But what???

The search is officially over, Edkera is here. An Edkera bag is the perfect gift for anyone with a zest for life and specially suited for the exercise enthusiast. With a range of bags from the openly chic Capazo, to the casual and roomy Duffel, Edkera has a design that fits everyone.

Perfect for the most demanding and extraordinary lifestyles, all Edkera bags are handcrafted in Spain in exquisite Italian leather. Perfect for the gym, all Edkera bags share our exclusive Extreme Lining (waterproof, extra-tough Cordura with anti-bacterial/no-odour and stain-repelent treatments).

  • Want to make this gift truly unique? Customize the bag! With over 1,000,000 combinations of colours and materials and the ability to equip the bag with functionality pockets, Edkera Bag Customizer allows you  to turn their dream bag into reality.
  • Want to make this gift truly personal? Monogram the bag or personalize the Edkera bag label.
  • Have run out of time? Our E-shop has a selection of classic designs and limited edition bags ready to ship.

An Edkera “His & Hers” bag set (Duffel/Bowler) is a truly memorable present. A baby blue Maxi Tote is the perfect gift for a new mum whilst a Caribbean blue Messenger is perfect to remind your kid that even though he now has kids of his own, none knows better than you what he really wants.

And when the event has past, when other gifts are tossed aside and you see that special one with their Edkera bag, you can smile, satisfied that you found the perfect gift… And then, you casually walk up to them and say: “You know, my birthday is coming up shortly”

Capazo Coral

Colour MAIN: Coral – Natural Grain Italian Leather

Colour Accents: Light Sand

Lining: Light / 10K-White

Hardware: Light / 10K-White

Handles: Premium, 6-position adjustable leather

Dimensions: 45 cm (W) x 16 cm (L) x 36 cm (H)

Capacity: 22 litres


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